Paint Spray Gun W71-G Upper Cup 1.8mm

- Perfect for most primer coats on furniture, household appliance, machinery etc.
- Stainless steel 1.8mm needle and nozzle works well with most solvent paints.
- Gravity feed design minimizes material waste.
- High atomisation results and low air consumption (ECO friendly).
- Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduce operating fatigue.
- Painting flux, painting range and air pressure are adjustable.
- More extensive repairing of the spray scope which can be adjusted to a round or oval shape.

Color: Silver
Gun Material: Aluminum Alloy
Paint supply mode: Gravity Feed
Diameter of nozzle: ø1.8mm
Air inlet: 1/4" BSP
Pressure: 57 psi
Spraying distance: 15~20cm
Spraying scope: About 20cm
Cup capacity: 400ml
Air consumption range: 3.0-8.0cfm

Package contents:
1x Spray gun
1x Aluminium cup with a lid
1x Washing brush
1x Wrench
1x Pagoda joint(tail size:8 mm)
1x 1/4''air connecter

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